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Our research is regularly cited in national and local news outlets; below is some of our recent press coverage.

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The New York Times

The US Averted One Housing Crisis, but Another Is in the Wings

“Millions of households were financially unscathed coming out of the pandemic,” said Alexander Hermann, senior research analyst at the Joint Center for Housing Studies. “But the pandemic has left millions of others struggling to make their housing payments, especially lower-income households and people of color.”

Fast Company

New Harvard report unpacks the wild state of housing in 2021

The top-line facts are striking. Home buying is up to the highest rate seen since the peak of the housing boom in 2006. And the number of people unable to either buy a home or spend less than a third of their income on housing is near a historic high.


America Has a Housing Mess, and President Biden Wants to Fix It

It’s like sedimentary rock,” says Chris Herbert, the managing director of the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies. “There’s never really been a time when we sat down and said, ‘Let’s think about a coherent U.S. housing policy.’”

The Wall Street Journal

Home-Improvement Retailers Raise the Roof

An April 15 forecast from the Remodeling Futures Program at the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University showed that spending on renovation and repairs is expected to increase at rates higher than year-ago levels through the end of 2021.

The New York Times

Emptying the Nest. Again.

Daniel McCue, a senior research associate at the Center, said there is evidence that as the pandemic eased in late summer and early fall of 2020, many young adults moved out.