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CBS News

America is increasingly a nation of renters, not homeowners

Many Americans, already struggling to find a home they can afford to buy, are increasingly at pains to find a place they can afford to rent. Tightening that squeeze: An influx of middle-class renters that is pushing up prices in much of the country.


The U.S. Housing Crisis Is Making Its Way to the Heartland

Housing costs are slipping out of reach for the middle class in smaller and medium-size cities across the U.S., the latest sign that the affordability crisis that started on the coasts is moving inland, according to research released on Friday by the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies.


U.S. renters are richer, older, and have larger households

A new report today from Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies on the nation’s rental markets suggests the ongoing affordable housing crisis has evolved, with a growing number of well-to-do renters increasingly putting a strain on low-income, and increasingly middle-income, renters.

The Harvard Gazette

House of cards

With higher-income households driving much of the growth in rental demand since 2010, the new housing supply has been concentrated at the upper end of the market, squeezing middle-income Americans, according to a report released today from the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies.

Fast Company

Where in the U.S. is the rent too damn high? Everywhere

In Los Angeles and New York City, more than half of renters are now “cost-burdened,” but this isn’t just a question of high rents in big, expensive cities: In Troy, Alabama, population 19,000, more than 62% of renters now spend too much on rent.