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Working Papers

The Origins of American Housing Reform

Alexander von Hoffman • August 5, 1998

W98-2: Although housing reform is generally associated with government programs enacted in the twentieth century, the concept of the slum--a residential environment that…

The State of the Nation’s Housing 1998

Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies • June 10, 1998

Now in its eighth year of sustained growth, the U.S. economy has brought unprecedented strength to housing production and sales. Spurred by strong employment growth, low…
Working Papers

The Census of Construction Industries Database

Mark Calabria • May 1, 1998

W98-1: The Census of Construction Industries (CCI) is conducted every five years as part of the quinquennial Economic Census. The Census of Construction Industries…

The State of the Nation's Housing 1997

Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies • June 5, 1997

As the end of 1997 approaches, sweeping public polity initiatives are joining with long-term demographic, income, and mobility trends to fundamentally alter the state of the…

The State of Mexico's Housing 1997

Chris Herbert, Natalie Pickering • April 1, 1997

This report is modeled after TheState of the Nation's Housing reports produced by the Joint Center for Housing Studies since the early 1980s. These reports provide a…

The Future of Manufactured Housing

Kimberly Vermeer, Josephine Louie • January 1, 1997

In the 1930s and 1940s, mobile homes were viewed as recreational housing and were indeed highly mobile. The original intention of manufacturers was to provide temporary,…

The State of the Nation's Housing 1988

Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies • June 12, 1988

America is increasingly becoming a nation of housing haves and havenots. While the majority of American homeowners are well housed and have significant equity in their homes…