Teaching Race, Place, Power, and Privilege

Location: Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies | One Bow Street, 4th Floor, Cambridge

Daniel D'Oca, Associate Professor in Practice of Urban Planning, Graduate School of Design

This seminar will be live streamed on Twitter.

In this seminar, GSD Associate Professor Daniel D’Oca will talk about some recent studios he taught that deal with questions of race, place, power, and privilege. In fall 2015, with partial support from the Joint Center’s Student Research Assistance Support Program, he offered an option studio called “The MLK Way: Building on Black America’s Main Street,” which invited students to imagine how streets named after Martin Luther King, Jr. could better reflect King's values. In fall 2016, he offered “Affirmatively Further: Fair Housing After Ferguson,” which invited students to think boldly about how architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning and urban design can help affirmatively further fair housing in the St. Louis region. In the seminar, D’Oca will discuss the research that laid the groundwork for the courses, some of the projects that emerged from them, and some lessons that have emerged this work. 

This talk is part of the Center’s ongoing Housing Research Seminar Series, which gives faculty, senior researchers, and graduate students the opportunity to present and discuss current and recent work with a mix of scholars and practitioners.

Watch the livestream video here