The State of the Nation's Housing 2024

Location: Virtual

Speaker(s): Chris Herbert, Priya Jayachandran, Chrystal Kornegay, Jennifer Ludden, Sheryl Palmer, Daniel McCue

Homeowners and renters across the US are struggling with high housing costs. On the for-sale side, millions of potential homebuyers have been priced out of the market by high home prices and interest rates, while the number of renters with cost burdens has hit an all-time high. However, a surge in new multifamily rental units is slowing rent growth and accelerated single-family construction is starting to lift for-sale inventories. Still, addressing the country's housing crisis, including the record number of people experiencing homelessness, the inadequate housing safety net, and the growing threat of climate change, will require contributions from the private and nonprofit sectors as well as policymakers at all levels of government. 

Join us for the release of The State of the Nation's Housing 2024 and a panel discussion featuring:

Jennifer Ludden, Correspondent, National Desk, NPR (Moderator)
Chris Herbert, Managing Director, Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies
Priya Jayachandran, CEO, National Housing Trust
Chrystal Kornegay, CEO, MassHousing 
Daniel McCue, Senior Research Associate, Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies (Report Presentation)
Sheryl Palmer, Chairman & CEO, Taylor Morrison

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The State of the Nation's Housing 2024