Helping Older Americans During the Pandemic: The Role of Service Coordinators

Location: Online

Speaker(s): Jennifer Molinsky, Samara Scheckler, Amy Schectman, Leslie Whiting

For many older adults living in senior housing, service coordinators and other staff provided a lifeline during the pandemic to daily necessities, support, and social engagement. This event, the third in a four-part series, will explore some of the key findings in Advancing Housing and Health Equity for Older Adults: Pandemic Innovations and Policy Ideas, a collaboration with The Hastings Center. Panelists will share new research and examples of how service coordinators leveraged community resources and their own creativity to ensure older adults remained safe during the pandemic.


  • Jennifer Molinsky, Project Director, Housing an Aging Society Program, Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies
  • Samara Scheckler, Research Associate, Joint Center for Housing Studies
  • Amy Schectman, President and CEO, 2Life Communities
  • Leslie Whiting, Health and Housing Program Manager, Seattle Housing 

Watch the Video:

Service coordinator at the home of an older adult