Designing AI Ethics, in Practice and in Public

Location: Harvard Graduate School of Design

Speaker(s): Molly Wright Steenson, Sarah M. Whiting

Just as the design of user experience for AI and its related technologies are vital concerns for architects and designers, so too are questions about ethics and AI. In this talk, which will kick off the Center’s symposium on Bringing Digitalization Home: How Can Technology Address Housing Challenges?, Molly Wright Steenson will explore whether AI ethics, in practice and in public, is really about “ethics” and also discuss the role that design can, and has to, play in the decisions about AI and ethics.

Steenson is a designer and scholar whose work focuses on the intersection of design, architecture, AI, and ethics. She currently is Vice Provost for Faculty at Carnegie Mellon University where she is the K&L Gates Associate Professor of Ethics & Computational Technology and an Associate Professor in the School of Design. She is the author of Architectural Intelligence: How Designers and Architects Created the Digital Landscape which explores the radical history of design, architecture, AI, and cybernetics from the 1950s to the present. She also is the co-editor (with Laura Forlano and Mike Ananny) of Bauhaus Futures, which looks at the impact of the Bauhaus as it turns 100. A web pioneer since 1994, she’s worked at groundbreaking design studios, consultancies, and Fortune 500 companies.

Watch the Video:

Headshot of Molly Wright Steenson.