2023 Housing Supply Symposium

Location: National League of Cities

This symposium will showcase how housing innovation from the Terner Center's Housing Lab 2022 Cohort, emergent private sector programs, and nonprofit programs and projects can help revitalize neighborhoods, communities, and cities. The event will also draw connections between private sector solutions, shifts in public policy, and investor practices needed to achieve lasting impact.

Agenda and Speakers

Welcome (1:05 PM - 1:15 PM)

Lauren Lowery, Director, Housing and Community Development, National League of Cities

Panel 1: Equitably increasing the housing supply: Innovative models centering racial justice and community empowerment (1:15 PM - 2:05 PM)

Panel 2: Emerging models for inclusivity: Increasing access to mixed-income, subsidized, and disability-forward housing (2:15 PM - 3:05 PM)

  • Lionel Lynch, Director of Community Development Banking Capital Solutions,  JP Morgan Chase

Panel 3: The future of houses: New approaches for reducing the cost and increasing the sustainability of construction (3:15 PM - 4:15 PM)

  • Tyler Pullen, PhD researcher, Terner Center for Housing Innovation
  • Reed Jordan, Housing Affordability Grant Program Manager, Wells Fargo (Moderator)

Closing (4:15 PM - 4:45 PM)

  • Ben Metcalf, Managing Director, Terner Center for Housing Innovation, UC Berkeley  

  • Solomon Greene, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy Development and Research, US Department of Housing and Urban Development 

 Watch the Video:

Housing Innovation Symposium video


Co-Sponsor(s): Terner Center & Labs for Housing Innovation at UC Berkeley, National League of Cities

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