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Housing Perspectives

Research, trends, and perspective from the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies

Welcome to Housing Perspectives

Welcome to Housing Perspectives, the blog of the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies. Drawing from the Joint Center’s ongoing research and analysis, Housing Perspectives provides timely insight into current trends and key issues in housing.

Housing is profoundly intertwined with personal wellbeing, community stability, and national welfare. For over forty years, the Joint Center has analyzed the consequences of housing policy and markets. We’ve researched how and where people are housed, the challenges of equity and affordability, the meaning of trends in ownership, rental housing, remodeling, and finance, and the relation of housing to the strength of our communities and cities. Our mission is to inform housing policy and practice, offering leaders of industry, institutions, and government fresh perspectives and information.

Through our Housing Perspectives blog, we aim to make findings and insights from our work more immediately accessible to you and to kindle informed conversation within the housing community. We will dig deeper into the housing headlines, helping you to see the bigger picture behind housing data and policy debates. We’ll also discuss critical issues and trends in housing, community development, global urbanism, and sustainability.

Housing Perspectives posts are written by staff of the Joint Center, drawing from their wide-ranging knowledge and experience studying housing. We hope you will follow Housing Perspectives, and we welcome your comments.