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Suburban Housing and Urban Affordability: Evidence from Residential Vacancy Chains

This paper shows how different housing submarkets are linked by residential vacancy chains – the series of moves across housing units initiated by the construction of new housing. Using administrative data on the residential histories of the U.S. population, we compare the characteristics of vacancies created by new suburban single-family homes to those created by new urban multifamily housing. Our results imply that new suburban housing supply has little effect on urban housing affordability or on the welfare of low-income urban households.

Overcoming Barriers to Manufactured Housing: Promising Approaches from Five Case Studies

Manufactured housing holds promise as an affordable form of housing that could expand homeownership opportunities for low- and moderate-income households at a time when house value growth is outpacing income gains in markets across the country. This study features case studies of five organizations from the for-profit, nonprofit and public sectors that are leading efforts to expand the use of manufactured housing in markets where these homes have not been widely used.