September 27, 2018


Home Equity Is Skyrocketing; Here's Why People Aren't Tapping It

Americans now have more home equity than ever. According to recent data, homeowners are sitting on more than $6 trillion in tappable equity—an increase of $636 billion just this year. Compare that to six years ago, when equity bottomed out, and tappable equity has jumped 300% since 2012.

September 14, 2018


Homeowners are sitting on $6 trillion in available cash, but they're not tapping it

The big gains in home values over the last two years are starting to slow down, but U.S. homeowners are still reaping the rewards. As prices continue to rise, so too does the amount of home equity available for homeowners to tap; and it has now reached a record sum.

August 31, 2018

US News and World Report

Building A Legacy

THREE YEARS AGO, JIMMY Carter figured he was facing the end of his life. His melanoma had spread to his brain and his liver. He was 90 years old, and it appeared that the nation would soon be reflecting on a presidential legacy. In Carter's case, it was a legacy less focused on his oft-criticized, single term as president than on his much-lauded decades as an ex-president...

August 21, 2018

The Washington Post

Are you 'Insecure' about your financial situation?

In the real world, affordable housing in major metropolitan areas is a significant issue for young adults. The listing service RentCafe recently looked at the rent that millennials paid — adjusted to 2017 dollars — from the time they turned 22 until the age of 30. During this eight-year period, they spent a total of $92,600 in rent, taking up a whopping 45 percent of their income.

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