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Towards a Targeted Homeownership Tax Credit

J. Michael Collins, Eric Belsky, Nicolas Retsinas • November 15, 1998

W98-5: Although the federal government provides tax incentives for homeownership, current tax provisions provide few incentives for lower-income families to buy a home…
Working Papers

The Housing Needs of Lower-Income Homeowners

Josephine Louie, Eric Belsky, Nancy McArdle • August 14, 1998

W98-8: Homeownership is still a prime goal for Americans, and a rising homeownership rate is good for our country. Families, especially lower-income families, build up…
Working Papers

The Origins of American Housing Reform

Alexander von Hoffman • August 5, 1998

W98-2: Although housing reform is generally associated with government programs enacted in the twentieth century, the concept of the slum--a residential environment that…

The State of the Nation’s Housing 1998

Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies • June 10, 1998

Now in its eighth year of sustained growth, the U.S. economy has brought unprecedented strength to housing production and sales. Spurred by strong employment growth, low…
Working Papers

The Census of Construction Industries Database

Mark Calabria • May 1, 1998

W98-1: The Census of Construction Industries (CCI) is conducted every five years as part of the quinquennial Economic Census. The Census of Construction Industries…