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The State of the Nation's Housing 2023

Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies • June 21, 2023

US housing markets continue to cool as higher costs weigh on both homeowners and renters. On the for-sale side, home sales and construction levels have declined while rental…
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Housing in the Context of Neighborhood Decline

Sharon Cornelissen, Christine Jang-Trettien • April 25, 2023

In recent years, gentrification has captured the imagination of sociologists and the public alike, dominating conversations about the transformation of cities from New York…
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Option Value and Storefront Vacancy in New York City

Erica Moszkowski, Daniel Stackman • April 12, 2023

Why do storefronts remain empty for more than a year in some of the world’s highest-rent retail districts? Landlords with vacancies derive option value from two sources of…